[Fwd: GPG Extension for PHP !]

Lizardo Santiago lsdrg at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Jul 27 16:18:05 CEST 2002

Lizardo Santiago wrote:

> Hello...
> My name is Santiago Lizardo and i am from Argentina. I still working
> with GPGME for a while and suddenly appear the posibility of port to
> PHP. 3 weeks later I have wrote a GPGME Extension for PHP already
> functional and working.
> If you wish you can reference this project from your site.
> If you want a little more info or the files for this project go to
> http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/gpgext/
> Also any bugs (there be a lot of them) or suggest are welcome.
> Any query or dude please mail me.
> I hope that this project will be usefull.
> Bye, and grettings. Santiago.
> Note: I'm sorry for my very poor english. ;)

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