GPGME GpgmeTrustItem -- What is this?

John Anderson j_anderson at
Mon Mar 4 02:35:02 CET 2002

Hi there, I'm working on doing a Java version of gpgme, to see whether I
can, and because I need it for some other stuff I want to work on.  I'm
making the API very similar to gpgme's, but making it object oriented of
course.  I'm not using JNI or CNI like I saw a few other people using,
so I don't know if I'm being redundant or not.  Maybe one of you could
tell me?

My question is about the GpgmeTrustItem type in gpgme.  What the heck is
this?  I understand contexts, data handles, keys, and all that, but I
can't garner what these trust items are and what they would do.  Is this
to establish a web-of-trust data structure?  What is it, and how is it

Thanks in advance,
John Anderson

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