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Wed Mar 20 19:27:01 CET 2002

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Hi all,

a while ago, based on Werner's ASCII FAQ file, I set up the current
GnuPG FAQ, because I was annoyed by the amount of reoccuring questions
especially on gnupg-users. As I was frequently reading the lists I could
regularly update the FAQ with new issues and remove stale entries. Very
helpful were submissions by friendly FAQ readers.

However, during the last months I had less and less time to maintain the
FAQ so there were only very few updates, although more might have been
necessary. I tried to find a new maintainer by private conversation, but
to no avail so far. I probably didn't try hard enough, so I'm sorry
about the FAQ right now being slightly out of date.

This should change, so in agreement with Werner:


A volunteer for this job should ...

* have a good understanding of how to use GnuPG
* follow the discussions on the mailings lists 
* being able to identify FAQ-worthy entries

I'm not here to set up guidelines how to do it, but I think one of the
biggest caveats is not to try to be an extension to the manual. Lots of
people mailed me stuff that either was in the man page or should have
been there. My aim was to keep the FAQ short and not clutter it with
lots of tips and tricks around GnuPG. However, your mileage may vary.

If you're interested, please drop me a line. I will help to set you up.

If there's more than one volunteer, I'll talk to Werner whom to
pick. One would be enough, I guess.

[If you want to suggest a different selection process, feel free to
 discuss it in this list ;-) ]

May the applications come ...  ;)

Cheers, Nils
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