New GnuPG FAQ maintainer wanted

Douglas Calvert dfc at
Wed Mar 20 22:10:02 CET 2002

 I would be interested in maintaing the FAQ. I read users daily and have
asked enough stupid questions that I know good FAQs. I have been buggin
werner about what I could do to help out and this seems like a good
thing for me. My coding skills are fairly weak but I can read and write.
I am a grad student at so i have a good deal of free time and
spend a lot of it staring at my computer. Please let me know what else
you would like from me.  

I sent this to the list only to get feedback from others on my ability
to handle this task. Any other emails can be off-list most likely...

|Douglas Calvert|        |
| dfc at |       |
|   If you use envelopes, why not use encryption?   |
|         |
| 0817 30D4 82B6 BB8D 5E66 06F6 B796 073D C954 1FB2 |
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