Space-padded lines in crypt-text

Dave Hill dhill at
Wed Mar 20 19:47:01 CET 2002


Eudora and Netscape users on our lan receive email from Outlook as HTML when
they connect using IMAP.  This happens regardless of any plain-text settings
at the sender, server, or receiver software.  When HTML text from these apps
is copied to the Windoze clipboard, it ends up space padded.  I haven't been
able to figure out whether this is a problem in the client apps, or the
Windoze clipboard implementation, although if I had to make a guess...
Unfortunately, this breaks GPGShell, which I've been setting up for non-tech
types to be able to decrypt PGP email.  I thought that rather than come up
with an ugly hack elsewhere, and since I'm unlikely to get MS to fix their
clipboard, GnuPG would be the right place to look for a clean fix.


>Why does text copied out of an email grow extra spaces?
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