gpgme questions

Jacob Perkins jap1 at
Mon Nov 4 15:34:02 CET 2002

1.  Feature or bug?: If not all recipients in a list have the same
validity, then encryption fails due to invalid recipients.  This will
happen if one key has Ultimate validity and another is added with Full
validity (but normally has Unknown validity).

2. Gpgme Info manual says that GPGME_ATTR_VALIDITY applies to user ids,
but as shown above, validity also applies to keys.  So, if a key has
multiple uids, does each have a unique validity, or does validity apply
to the entire key (if this is the case, then how does it differ from
owner trust?).  Relating to this, gnupg does not seem to have an edit
method for changing a keys validity.  Is this a future feature, or am I
just missing it?

3. I think the decrypt_verify op is broken, it only decrypts for me
right now, but won't verify.  But using decrypt, then verify works fine.

This all applies to gpgme-0.3.12 and gnupg-1.2.0.

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