In response to Bernd Eckenfels

Noel D. Torres Taño ndtt at
Wed Nov 6 11:17:01 CET 2002

>there are some out there which support this by mail, ne nood for gpg
>There are even legal regulations for official governmental accepted
>stamping services (usually based on smime) in most countries.

Simply I don't want to use e-mail. I want a timestamp in a png file that
is a copy of a photo I took my wife in the bed with another man. Then, I
can present the court the photo, the negative to assure that the photo
is real and not altered, and the timestamped png photo file to proof
that the photo existed at least since the timestamp date. That way my
wife can't say her relation was a response to a previous
extramatrimonial relation helded by me.

That's only an example. I'm single (by now).

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