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Bernd Eckenfels lists at
Thu Nov 7 22:47:02 CET 2002

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 08:40:34AM +0000, Noel D. Torres Taño wrote:
> The first is LSSI (LSSICE), the new spanish Internet law. It's worse
> than DMCA in certain aspects: my e-mails and web navigation can be
> accessed WITHOUT a judicial order.

There is no problem with this, because you communicate encrypted and only
with hashes. In fact Internet access is as untrusted as mail and http is.

> That's worse: they must be logged by
> the ISP and maintained during a year.

Which is good in case of a time stamping service anyway.

> The second is simply not to
> overload Internet. The e-mail you sent me has EIGHT "Received" header
> lines.

Millions of email messages are transfered by email, a few more wont

> Again: let the user NOT TO USE E-MAIL AT ALL.

Yes, but this does not change the fact that others think it is one of the
best ideas.

> I'll write a new feature-proposal/protocol-proposal taking that idea I
> feel good.

And your new prooposel wont use Internet?

> What do you refer? Sorry, I don't understand that completely (remember
> I'm not english native speaker).

E-Mail servers are easy to set up, available, and even systems with a lot of
load distributed systems (equal cost mx records) are easy.


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