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Noel D. Torres Taño ndtt at
Thu Nov 7 09:40:02 CET 2002

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 10:17:17AM +0000, Noel D. Torres Taño wrote:
> > Simply I don't want to use e-mail.
> Is this a personal statement, or do you have an reason for this? There is no
> problem to use an web based timestamp service, but you will only feel the
> advantage if you do real time stuff.
I have two good reasons about not to use e-mail nor web to timestamp.
The first is LSSI (LSSICE), the new spanish Internet law. It's worse
than DMCA in certain aspects: my e-mails and web navigation can be
accessed WITHOUT a judicial order. That's worse: they must be logged by
the ISP and maintained during a year. The second is simply not to
overload Internet. The e-mail you sent me has EIGHT "Received" header
lines. That means that the e-mail put load into, at least, eight e-mail
servers and all routers between them. In my scheme (of course it can be
improved, and that's the reason i proposed it here) the timestamp
service puts load only on the timestamp server and the routers between
the ends.
And about real time stuff, imagine a public administration, like
Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid council), that must timestamp a lot of
documents with Enter and Exit dates.
> > [...]
> What is wrong with doing a detached signature on that PNG file and send the
> detached signature to stamper (clear service) which will send you back an
> email where you find stampers signature providing you with an reliable
> certificate about the point in time you actually had created the detached
> signature.
Again: let the user NOT TO USE E-MAIL AT ALL. After that, It's a good
idea sending and timestamping only a digest. I said in a previous mail.
I'll write a new feature-proposal/protocol-proposal taking that idea I
feel good.
> Main advantage for the time stamping serive: much easier to set up because
> it highly scales.
What do you refer? Sorry, I don't understand that completely (remember
I'm not english native speaker).

Greetings to all

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