gpg Wrapper/ ?stream? Problems?

Charlie Hung chazhung at
Wed Nov 27 00:00:02 CET 2002

Yes its from M$, but its for work so what am i going
to do...

Anyways, I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any
help they can give me on this.
I'm writing a wrapper for gpg using C#.  Doing very
simple things, the real problem has actually come from
when I'm signing and I need to input the password, the
Process that I'm running gpg has its input, output,
and error streams redirected so that I can read and
write directly from them, but for some reason the
message that asks for the password comes up on the
screen, and I have to manually type the password. 
Writing to the Input stream of the process does
nothing, using input redirect from a file such as gpg
<blah> < password-file doesn't work either.  I really
just don't understand whats going on since I am
unaware of any other streams.  I've been hacking at
this thing for hours.  Again any help would be greatly
appreciated!  Thanks a bunch, have agreat holiday!

Charlie hung

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