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Marcus Brinkmann Marcus.Brinkmann at
Tue Sep 3 14:29:01 CEST 2002

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 11:17:23PM -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:
> i've been a happy camper with 0.3.9, but i recently found a small
> problem:
> if you're using it in a long-lived process and if you don't use the
> gpgme_op_*_start() routines, then gpgme never gets around to reaping the
> zombies.

> i see that all of this logic is completely redone in 0.3.10, but:

Unfortunately I just got a report that it is still not fixed.  I will take
a look at it (and do more tests this time than when I rewrote that code), so
if it is still not fixed it will be very soon.
>         GpgSM version: min. 0.3.8
> 	GpgSM path:    no

> libtool: link: cannot build libtool library `' from non-libtool objects on this host: stpcpy.o fopencookie.o

Ah, ok.  This was supposed to be fixed in current CVS, but now I see that in
this configuration another fix is needed.

If you upgrade to current CVS, you will get some bug fixes for this.

2002-09-03  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus at>

        * (assuan_libobjs): Remove @LTLIBOBJS@ as we link them
        into gpgme unconditionally.
        (libgpgme_la_LIBADD): Change @LIBOBJS@ into @LTLIBOBJS at .

> then libgpgme gets built just fine. however, a few moments later:
> gmake[3]: Entering directory `/usr/users/mrose/src/gpgme-0.3.10/tests/gpg'
>     ...
> creating t-genkey
> srcdir=. ./mkdemodirs 
> Creating: Alphagmake[3]: *** [Alpha/Secret.gpg] Error 1
> hmmm....

Please try the CVS Version, if the error still occurs, we can take a closer
> i have a quick hack to the way my code uses 0.3.9 to get around the
> zombie issue, but i'd still like to move to 0.3.10...

As I said, don't expect the zombie issue to be fixed in 0.3.10, but it will
definitely be fixed in CVS soon and then in 0.3.11.  Sorry for the
inconvenience.  The change that allows to use external event loops required
some internal restructuring that was a bit destabilizing.


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