gpgme 0.3.9 / gpgme 0.3.10

Marcus Brinkmann Marcus.Brinkmann at
Tue Sep 3 15:12:02 CEST 2002

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 01:30:09PM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > if you're using it in a long-lived process and if you don't use the
> > gpgme_op_*_start() routines, then gpgme never gets around to reaping the
> > zombies.
> > i see that all of this logic is completely redone in 0.3.10, but:
> Unfortunately I just got a report that it is still not fixed.  I will take
> a look at it (and do more tests this time than when I rewrote that code), so
> if it is still not fixed it will be very soon.

Ok, I have taken a closer look, and believe that the report was false.  The
submitter used RLIMIT_NPROC to limit the amount of processes, but I think
that included some extra processes running somewhere under the same user id. 
I have done some tests and did not see any zombies left over (it would have
surprised me given the new code), and thus I think this is fixed.

If you still see any problems with current CVS, let me know please.


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