forcing symmetric cipher AES (7) violates recipient preferences

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed Sep 11 00:29:02 CEST 2002

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 02:47:04PM -0500, Larry Ellis wrote:
> Hello,
> When using the following gpg command:
>                         gpg -e --cipher aes
> I receive the following warning message
>                         forcing symmetric cipher AES (7) violates recipient
> preferences
> AES *is* in the cipher preferences for the recipient, though it is the not
> the first cipher in the list (3des is the first, AES is the second).
> Is it appropriate for GPG to issue this message?  It seems to me that
> specifying any of the ciphers in the list is not a violation.  Also, if I
> specify a cipher that is not in the list at all, then precisely the same
> error message occurs.
> This happens on the development release of 1.1.91 (Windows build from
> nullify), though, for all I know,  it might also happen in earlier releases.

This was a bug in 1.1.91.  It is fixed in the current CVS.  The proper
behavior here is to warn if the cipher algorithm is not in the
preference list at all.


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