GPGME on win32.

Dr.Stefan.Dalibor at Dr.Stefan.Dalibor at
Thu Sep 26 13:40:01 CEST 2002

are you sure GPGME can be built with MinGW/CPD and works under M$ w/o
some Unix emulation layer (e.g. Cygwin)??
That would be extremely helpful, as I just started the tedious and
boring job of writing my own pipe-driven interface module :)!

I tried (MinGW/CPD 0.3.1, gpgme-0.3.11) and GPGME fails to compile in
the assuan subdirectory (pid_t missing, trying to access glibc-specific
stream facilities according to comments in the sources - I stopped
investigating after this).

I had already asked for a MinGW version of gpgme on 2002-09-06, but
noone answered... I concluded that the way gpgme implements process
control (AFAIK it uses select()) is generally incompatible with a plain
M$ runtime environment.


On Tue Sep 24 11:46:02 2002, Timo Schulz <twoaday at> wrote:
> On Tue Sep 24 2002; 07:50, Martin wrote:
> > I wasn't too sure where to address this problem, but, I'm having trouble
> > getting GPGME to work on the win32 platform.. Does anyone have any
> > instructions on how to go about this, above the few lines in the README?
> With trouble you mean to compile it or to use it in your apps?
> As all GPG related projects, you need the MingW32/CPD set to compile it.
> The output is a statically linked library with the name libgpgme.a.
> The steps are pretty easy:
> ./ --build-w32
> ./configure
> cp gpgme/.libs/libgpgme.a /your_doze_drive/foo/bar

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