GPGME on win32.

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Thu Sep 26 14:41:01 CEST 2002

On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 12:27:58PM +0200, Dr.Stefan.Dalibor at wrote:
> Hi,
> are you sure GPGME can be built with MinGW/CPD and works under M$ w/o
> some Unix emulation layer (e.g. Cygwin)??
> That would be extremely helpful, as I just started the tedious and
> boring job of writing my own pipe-driven interface module :)!
> I tried (MinGW/CPD 0.3.1, gpgme-0.3.11) and GPGME fails to compile in
> the assuan subdirectory (pid_t missing, trying to access glibc-specific
> stream facilities according to comments in the sources - I stopped
> investigating after this).
> I had already asked for a MinGW version of gpgme on 2002-09-06, but
> noone answered... I concluded that the way gpgme implements process
> control (AFAIK it uses select()) is generally incompatible with a plain
> M$ runtime environment.

GPGME was ported to w32 some time ago, but since then a lot of new code was
added without porting it to w32.  Things like lack of pid_t (@!#$@**!%!) are
easy enough to work around, the fopencookie stuff is hard to do (but we are
working on a port of libio, I just don't know if it will ever be native).

It seems you build with gpgsm enabled, if you only build for gnupg, it
should not want to build assuan.

We use select in a POSIX environment, but something else in w32 (see


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