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Andreas Westfeld wrote:
> I would appreciate it, if you could add the word "plugin" in the manual
> of gpg where the option --load-extension is described (or describe
> --load-extension in
> Recently I was forced to use gpg because a gpg-message addressed to me
> was not decryptable by pgp. Because my secret key is some years old, it
> is encrypted using IDEA. So the first try with gpg failed too, and I was
> refered to where I got something
> called "plugin". But the description in the header of idea.c does not
> tell how to use it with gpg. And the manual does not contain the word
> plugin, so I had to read 900 lines of it ...
> Andreas

IDEA does not ship with standard GPG - the algorithm is patented.

However, it is available with the "Windows tuned" GPG distro @ .

As best as I can determine you're running Netscape 7.01 on Windows 2000,
so you may already have it. Look in your GPG directory, if there is a
folder containing idea.dll you have what you need.  You would need to
add the line "load-extension Lib\idea" to your gpg.conf file and it
should work.

You may also wish to investigate the Enigmail add-on for Mozilla/
Netscape 7.x mail.

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