Windows native compile of MinGW GnuPG fails two tests

Joe Vender jvender at
Thu Dec 4 10:51:51 CET 2003

 > Does anyone have any idea why a build of GnuPG (official code)
 > compiled on a windows 98 platform for windows (native build, not cross
 > compiled) using MinGW and MSYS on windows fails these two tests?

<standard-reply> Because those toolchains are not supported.  They
might work but I see no reason to officially support them. </>
*Its certainly your choice, since you're the creator of GnuPG and the 
official source, but one good reason is because there are a lot more 
windows users (90%+ of pcs in world) than NIX users (and probably more 
copies of GnuPG running on windows boxes than NIX boxes), and supporting 
native windows building would allow windows users to take part in the 
GnuPG build-test process without needing to hack the scripts and guess 
at the integrity of the build.
 > FAILED: conventional-mdc.test (occurs on every 1.2.x and 1.3.x tried)
 > [contents of conventional-mdc.test.log]

Hmmm, running tests on native Windows?  They are definitely written
for a POSIX system.
*23 of the 25 tests did pass using the native w32 build, so there must 
be at least some compatibility. But, am I to assume from your response 
that the test failures don't mean that something is wrong or not working 
in the native w32 build? How much faith should I put in the native build 
as described?*


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