Windows native compile of MinGW GnuPG fails two tests

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Thu Dec 4 12:15:16 CET 2003

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Joe Vender wrote:

>  > Does anyone have any idea why a build of GnuPG (official code)
>  > compiled on a windows 98 platform for windows (native build, not cross
>  > compiled) using MinGW and MSYS on windows fails these two tests?
> <standard-reply> Because those toolchains are not supported.  They
> might work but I see no reason to officially support them. </>
> --
> *Its certainly your choice, since you're the creator of GnuPG and the
> official source, but one good reason is because there are a lot more
> windows users (90%+ of pcs in world) than NIX users (and probably more
> copies of GnuPG running on windows boxes than NIX boxes), and supporting
> native windows building would allow windows users to take part in the
> GnuPG build-test process without needing to hack the scripts and guess
> at the integrity of the build.

> --
> *23 of the 25 tests did pass using the native w32 build, so there must
> be at least some compatibility. But, am I to assume from your response
> that the test failures don't mean that something is wrong or not working
> in the native w32 build? How much faith should I put in the native build
> as described?*
> Joe

First, please fix your quoting. The post of Werner's you are quoting is
indistinguishable from your text.

I think your putting too much faith in the tests in the checks subdir
running flawlessly under MINGW/MSYS. MSYS is a building tool, not a full
POSIX implementation.

Quite a large stride has been made in the last year with mingw/msys
building gnupg. Building is no where near the headache it used to be. It's
possible to just `./configure && make` these days - mostly, the po subdir
is still a pain. If you think this is bad, try building under cygwin.

FWIW, 1 or 2 tests have always failed for me with 1.2.x. It's never been
an issue with me. Just checked 1.3.3 - 1 out of 25 failed. On 1.3.4, all
15 passed.

Work out a fix. Submit a patch. That's the build-test process in action.

PS: Arguing that there are a lot more Windows users than *nix users, is
likely not the way to convince Werner that supporting mingw building is a
worthy endevour.

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