gpgsm and gpgme?

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at
Wed Dec 31 13:05:05 CET 2003

Am 29.12.03 20:46 schrieb(en) Werner Koch:
> Have a look at the log file. to debug gpgsm put the line
> log-file /tmp/mygpgsm.log
> into gpgsm.conf.

Thanks, this does indeed show a problem. Running gpgme_op_verify() on the  
detached signature and signed data streams results in

gpgsm[1557] Signature made 2003-12-29 15:43:37 using certificate ID  
gpgsm[1557] CRLs not checked due to --disable-crl-checks option
gpgsm[1557] Good signature from "/CN=Thawte Freemail Member/ 
EMail=albrecht.dress at"
gpgsm[1557]                 aka "albrecht.dress at"
gpgsm[1557] Assuan processing failed: write error

However, I have no idea what this error actually means... Any idea?

Tia, Albrecht.

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