Fingerprint addition

Stefan Sels stefan-dated-1045182611.9874e1 at
Sun Feb 9 12:43:22 CET 2003


I was just thinking about GnuPG/PGP fingerprints and thought if it wouldn´t be usefull to add a new part to the fingerprint :

A78B 16A7 E6AE 8930 1F69  6D96 46B9 E688 42CE 3635 / 9AA9 D811

The new part behind / is the md5sum of the public key including signatures so you could track if the "current" public key is valid. I know it would be better to put an expiry on a key but it would be an good adition to an complete static fingerprint.

I am interested in if somebody likes this idea and if it could/should be added to GnuPG.

   Stefan Sels

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