ssh-agent type utility for gnupg

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Mon Feb 17 13:45:01 CET 2003

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 04:50:39PM +1000, Greg Black wrote:
> Is there (or are there plans for) a ssh-agent type utility for
> gnupg?

Yes!  gpg-agent is part of the newpg package, which in turn is part of the
aegypten project (  0.9.4 is the
latest version.  nwepg is just the work name, the program inside is gpgsm. 
gpgsm and gpg-agent will be integrated back into gpg for version 2.

You also need the pinentry package because the agent uses it to retrieve
the pin.

Latets gpg packages support gpg-agent, but you have to edit the
configuration file (add "use-agent") or use the command line option
(--use-agent).  The agent has to be started before gpg (run
gpg-agent --daemon and export the environment variable).

This work will be completely integrated in GnuPG in version 2.

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