feature suggestion

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Jan 3 17:14:01 CET 2003

On Fri, 3 Jan 2003 15:28:33 +0100, Janusz A Urbanowicz said:

> No MUA I know of, does this. Maybe the Mahogany will do.

I have a Mutt version which does this and the latest KMail does it

> I also don't know if it is good idea to enlist all possible addresses that I
> may use in any context. I can think of about 8 addresses that my emails can
> come from (that I use in various contexts and situations). Should I list all

At least a warning should be displayed.  I am pretty sure that this is
a real world attack.

> of those in my key? Currently I list there only 3 addresses that are certain
> to reach me. And listing all those during verification (below is output from
> mutt) does not help much when there's From: <discussion list> for example.

I am talking about encrypted+signed messages.



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