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I defer to David Shaw as the definitive expert on this, but I did just 
this for a customer earlier this year. The problem is that full support 
of a non-PGP Corporation LDAP server has not yet been integrated into a 
production release of GnuPG. I was able to modify the schema of our 
iPlanet/SunONE LDAP server and get the commercial PGP client to work with 
it fine, but not so to this point with GnuPG.

Good luck.


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On 7/27/03, 11:02:32 PM, Divya Sundaram <divya at> wrote regarding 
Newbie Question:

> Hi all,

> Perhaps this is not the correct place to ask, but I'd like to
> give it a shot anyways.

> At my work, we have a large LDAP Directory deployed and we'd like
> to work at integrating the PGP/GnuPG keystore with the LDAP Directory.

> Two questions come to mind:

> (1) What are my options if I wished to run an open-source PGP/GnuPG
>     Key store?
> (2) How do I integrate it with the LDAP Directory?
> (3) Is there any way to use the LDAP Server as a Key Store itself?

> PGP claims there is and sent me some docs. However, the information
> contained was inadequate.

> I have a fair bit of expertise with LDAP and a little knowledge of
> PGP and GnuPG. I would like to find some answers to the above and
> (since I do expect them to be lacking) see if I can help with filling
> the gaps to make the solution more savory.

> Regards

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