[Announce] GPGME 0.4.2 released

Marcus Brinkmann Marcus.Brinkmann at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Jul 30 17:06:02 CEST 2003

We are pleased to announce version 0.4.2 of GnuPG Made Easy,
a library designed to make access to GnuPG easier for applications.
It may be found in the file (about 701 KB compressed)

It should soon appear on the mirrors listed at

Bug reports and requests for assistance should be sent to
gnupg-devel at gnupg.org.

The md5sum checksums for this distibution are
69865288920d44f09266f2d964c4f575  gpgme-0.4.1-0.4.2.diff.gz
695990d1ca3e167a99eaceebb1e74b1d  gpgme-0.4.2.tar.gz
b34bed9bc667d12e859a1e27e90fb52e  gpgme-0.4.2.tar.gz.sig

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unstable development version for testing.
The latest stable release is 0.3.15 and available from

Noteworthy changes in version 0.4.2 (2003-07-30)

 * Allow gpg-error to be in non-standard place when linking the test suite.

 * Configure will fail now if gpg-error can not be found.

 * Fixed initialized memory backed data objects for writing, which
   caused the test program to crash (but only on Mac OS, surprisingly).

 * Eliminate use of C99 constructs.

 * Small improvements to the manual.

Marcus Brinkmann
mb at g10code.de

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