some questions

Hagen Paul Pfeifer toaster at
Mon Jun 23 00:27:36 CEST 2003

Hello gnupg-dev

I had some questions about some implementation details:

first question:

How does gnupg with rsa encryption encrypt text, especially how big is the
block size? I can't find no information about it.

Or does encrypt it every character?

e.g. 'A'^e mod n  (I don't think so)

For example the block size is 50 byte, how does gnupg handle a text
like: "hello world"?

second question:

when I list keys, all keys a represented by digits and characters (and
unprintable characters without -a). My rsa implementation only show
digits (of course), why? And how can I extract e and n of a public key?

sorry for this questions but I can't find some information in the net


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