Encrypt/decript large files

Timo Schulz twoaday at freakmail.de
Wed Jun 25 00:17:14 CEST 2003

On Tue Jun 24 2003; 09:45, Eric Harlow wrote:

> errors - bad packets, message manipulated, etc.  The
> largest file I got to work was a bit over 2.3 gig. 

Hmm...if no compression is used GPG can calculate the size of the
encrypted packet *but*
iobuf.c:1863: if ( (size=GetFileSize (fp, NULL)) != 0xffffffff )

does *not* use the high offset value which means the size is limited
to 2^32 (-1?) and thus 2.3GB. I guess this is at least one problem.

The IOBUF_FILELENGTH_LIMIT is set to 0xFFFFFFFF and this means the
block mode is forced if the file has a bigger size than 4.2GB. And
thus the results of gpg [...] should be identical to gpg -z0 [...].

Now my question is, does "gpg --list-packets [thefile]" show that
the partial mode is used or not?


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