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Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> (The project I'm working on is a Jabber-oriented keyserver.  You query
> the keyserver by subscribing to someone's key; when you manipulate a
> trust item on a key you send an update to the Jabber server; the Jabber
> server then propagates an updated key to all the subscribers.  It's a
> semi-cute way of thinking about keyservers, may have some utility for
> cryptographic IM.  This may explain some of my design goals, such as
> scaling up to arbitrary sizes of keyrings.)

A lot of the parsing and storing problem already may be solved for you.
Look at either the SKS: The Synchronizing Key Server
( or PKS: OpenPGP Public Key Server
( The only change would be modifying the
existing sync mechanism from SMTP to Jabber.

The current "keyring" size managed by these is about 4.5GB -- I think
that handles the concern for scaling to arbitrarily large keyrings.

There is also a key-server e-mail list at pgp-keyserver-folk at
An empty e-mail to pgp-keyserver-folk-subscribe at will get you

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