Aegypten backend alpha release day

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Nov 17 14:40:22 CET 2003


I have worked a bit on Aegypten related code and updated a couple of
packages over the last days.  Since we had to change some APIs, most
packages need to be updated.  Shared library versions are set
properly, so that existing installations should not be affected.

The major API change is in libksba where the way date/time values are
passed has changed and while at it some other minor things were
changed too.  Changes in Libgcrypt are minor except for a new
functions.  Dirmngr had a lot of cleanups and it is entirely possible
that I introduced new bugs doing that.

The actual reason for this release is to give a good starting point
for further Aegypten development.  Here is what you need to build (not
that much as GnuCash but definitely more complex than GnupG 1.3): All
*.tar.gz files are accompanied by a *.tar.gz.sig signature - use GnuPG
1.2 or 1.3 to check them.  For some packages patch files are available
(*.diff.gz).  Please build the packages in the order given below:

1. Shared error codes for all packages (288k)

2. The general crypto library (826k) (22k)

3. Our IPC library (242k) (6k)

4. Our Cms/X.509 library (450k) (161k)

5. The GnuPG branch with gpgsm and a gpg-agent  (1164k) (89k)

6. The CRL management daemon (275k)

Bug reports please to the gpa-dev at list.  Please consider to
buy maintenance points to help with the development; see .

Happy hacking,


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The GnuPG Experts                      
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