GNUPGHOME and mangle_dos_filenames

gnupg at gnupg at
Wed Nov 19 19:20:07 CET 2003


I am curently using gpg (GnuPG) 1.2.2 on Win32, which I downloaded as a binary. I 
have to questions:

1. mangle_dos_filenames: This is default with 1.2.2 and works fine, as long as you do 
not use a file in a directory which starts with a dot. This confused me for about 2 hours, 
since I could not find out, why some filenames were mangled, and some not.

2. When will GNUPGHOME work on this platform? I cannot use the registry-settings 
since I often change the computer I work on and then copy all the software I normally 
use. I think it is a little bit strange, that gnupg here works totally different on win32 than 
on other platforms.

BTW: To feed a little bit the discussion about registry entries or conf-files: I do not 
mind the registry, but there are some very big disadvantages it brings:

a. if you install a programm, which depends on registry settings, they are almost never 
documented at all.

b. you cannot move programs to another machine, when they depend on registry 
settings, esp. when a.

So I always wonder, why opensource-software, which comes from and works on other 
platforms without registry settings needs to have them on Win32. If they are optional, it 
is ok, I think.


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