GNUPGHOME and mangle_dos_filenames

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Thu Nov 20 12:49:35 CET 2003

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 19:20:07 +0100, gnupg  said:
> > So I always wonder, why opensource-software, which comes from and
> > works on other platforms without registry settings needs to have
> > them on Win32. If they are optional, it is ok, I think.
> The registry is used due to huge public demand for it.  I am not sure
> but it seems that software distribution in larger environments is
> easier if you can use a standardized way and that seems to be the
> registry under Windows.
> Sure, environment variables are easier for me but I don't use Windows
> except for checking GnuPG, so I can't tell what's the best way.
>   Werner
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Hey Werner, I use Windows almost evr'yday and I think that for a program
like GnuPG the best way is to use *.ini files instead of registry nor
environment variables, because:
-Registry is very bad documented, and hard to be accessed by users
(regedit.exe is not a masterpiece of accessibility)
-Environment variables are not in as wide use as in the Unix world
(autoexec.bat is no longer mandatory)
-.ini files are easy to access both by the user and by the program

Envite (Noel)

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