new module problems

Blanch Torne sbt at
Thu Oct 2 11:44:01 CEST 2003

Ups, I forgot the subject in the mail before.


I am waiting to finish my research project, this is about new public key
module insertion to the GnuPG-1.2.1, but i have some problems in the
execution time.

The fist one it because i use a very short keys (between 192 and 521
bits) and the program answer my this:
'gpg: Experimental algorithms should not be used!
'gpg: Ohhhh jeeee: can't encode a 160 bit MD into a 224 bits frame
'secmem usage: 2720/3680 bytes in 12/16 blocks of pool 3776/16384
This message is in the 'static MPI do_encode_md' function of the
'./g10/seskey.c' file. And i don't have problem if i use keys bigger
than 312 bits (39 frames). Why is this limitation?

The second problem, is if i use bigger keys and continue with the
creation key execution. The problem is in 'do_sign' function of the
'./g10/sign.c'. I don't know why it lost the public key!
'$ ./gpg --debug-all --gen-key
'gpg: DBG: dummy m_size called
'gpg: DBG: mpi_free_limb_space of size 0
'gpg: DBG: mpi_alloc(0)
'gpg: DBG: build_packet() type=6
'gpg: DBG: iobuf-2.0: close `
'gpg: some signal caught ... exiting
'Segmentation Fault

'$ ./gpg --debug 4 --gen-key
'gpg: checking created signature failed: public key not found
'gpg: signing failed: public key not found
'gpg: make_keysig_packet failed: public key not found
'Key generation failed: public key not found
'secmem usage: 2784/4064 bytes in 9/16 blocks of pool 4256/16384

I needed more information to know the solutions?

Thanks for your attention.


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