gnupg 1.2.2 on aix 5.1 on P660s and P690s

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 15 15:14:29 CEST 2003

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 15:33:50 -0700, Ryan Wyler said:

> I did attempt to compile with --disable-asm and it still hung.  I am using 
> the AIX compiler (cc) and debugger (dbx).  When I load it into dbx and run 
> it, the programs hangs without me being able to get back to type 'where'. 

Interesting.  What I would try first is to install the GNU toolchain and try
to build it.  It should definitely build with any C89 compliant
compiler, though.

Using --debug-all might also give some insight.


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