GnuPG -> 6.5.8 Export?

Robert J. Hansen cortana at
Fri Oct 31 15:04:56 CET 2003

I've had to install PGP 6.5.8 on a Linux box (long and boring story
behind it), and in the process of exporting keys from GnuPG to PGP I ran
into some problems.

First, the relevant lines of the gpg.conf file which may be affecting
the export:

export-options no-include-attributes
s2k-digest-algo SHA1
digest-algo SHA1

Upon exporting two private keys (a DH/DSS key and an RSA key, both v4)
to PGP 6.5.8, 6.5.8 is able to use the DH/DSS key but not the RSA key.
It will import both of them just fine, but whenever the passphrase is
entered for the RSA key, PGP returns a "Error: bad passphrase".  The
DH/DSS key has no such problem.

This is very confusing given that the passphrases for both the DH/DSS
key and the RSA key are identical.

After the gpg.conf file was changed to include the above lines, I
re-generated the passphrase on the RSA key inside GnuPG so as to change
it over to a simple-sk-checksum, SHA1 as the S2K digest algo, etc.
Still nothing.

The problem lies either in GnuPG or in 6.5.8, and I'm unable to
determine which.  Searching on Google didn't do me any favors; it
returned a couple of reports of this happening when a passphrase used
UTF-8, whereas PGP 6.5.8 just understands ASCII, but given my entire
passphrase is ASCII, I doubt that's the problem.

Does anyone have a dead chicken I can wave over this to make everything

Thanks.  :)

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