GnuPG binaries with IDEA

Robert J. Hansen cortana at
Mon Sep 8 22:32:02 CEST 2003

> I have been contacted several times by Mediacrypt and asked to
> advertise their license ;-).  BTW, it doesn't depend on whether it
> is commercially or non-commercially distributed or used - you need a
> license and Mediacrypt/Ascom offers a royality free license on a
> per-product basis for non-commercial use (they use a very narrow term
> for this) _on request_.


I use IDEA right now in a clearly noncommercial setting.  (My use of it 
is limited to having it around for purposes of receiving traffic from 
PGP users who prefer using IDEA.  I'd much rather use Blowfish or 
3DES--but hey, variety is the spice of life.)  I've been operating under 
the belief that IDEA was explicitly permitted for certain noncommercial 
uses by Ascom, without a specific request needing to be filed with them.

Seeing that I'm in error, I'd like to speak with Ascom about getting a 
royalty-free license for noncommercial use.  Who should I speak with 
over there?

I hope that, despite IDEA not being free software, that this subject is 
appropriate for the list--after all, it speaks to GPG/PGP 
interoperability, which is hopefully on-topic.  :)

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