GnuPG binaries with IDEA

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Sep 9 12:33:01 CEST 2003

On Mon, 08 Sep 2003 14:34:09 -0500, Robert J Hansen said:

> I hope that, despite IDEA not being free software, that this subject

idea.c is actually Free Software. 

The real problem is that algorithms are nowadays patentable in some
countries and that the EU is also moving in the direction to
officially allow for this.  This is a *big problem* for Free Software
and all non-huge (software) companies.  See for
more information.

I hope you understand that I can't endorse a prominent patent like the
one for the IDEA algorithm - this would give the wrong signal.

Disastry did an enhanced PGP 2 which supports CAST5 and more - this
should be an easy way to solve the compatibility problems - it should
not be too hard to replace an old PGP 2 based system with his PGP



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