Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Tue Apr 27 22:11:15 CEST 2004

At Tue, 27 Apr 2004 20:50:52 +0200,
Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 27.04.04 10:59 schrieb(en) Werner Koch:
> > Definitely not.  However I am of course using the CVS version and only
> > realized last week that there was no release since December.  Thus I
> > released 0.7.1 last week - did you already tried it?
> Installed 0.7.1, still the same problem... And there *is* a problem with  
> national characters. Running pinentry-gtk directly from the command line,  
> and then saying
> setdesc us-ascii text
> getpin
> displays "us-ascii text", whereas
> setdesc Test with äöüÄÖÜß
> getpin
> displays an empty line (i.e. not even "Test with ").

That's certainly suboptimal, but note that the string must be provided
in UTF-8.

> An other strange  
> thing is that it emits
> pinentry-gtk: no LC_CTYPE known - assuming UTF-8
> twice after giving getpin, even if I run it (in bash) using LC_ALL=de_DE  
> pinentry-gtk. My environment *is* set up properly, btw, locale says that  
> everything is "de_DE".

This is only relevant if pinentry is used in curses mode, and relates
to the character set used on the terminal that pinentry should display
the dialog box on.  It has nothing to do in particular with your
environment, because it must be provided by the invoker (via OPTIONS
--lc-type=... etc).

> And, finally, when run by gpg-agent, the window doesn't come up with the  
> preferred (programmed) theme, but with the default one - running it from  
> the command line pops up the window in the correct theme.

Dunno.  How do Gtk apps know the theme to use?


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