GPG Lockfile (concurrency) issue, keyring lost: awarding 300$ for bugfix

Stefan Haller Stefan.Haller at
Wed Aug 11 13:08:36 CEST 2004

Hi all

A while ago I posted a bug report about a concurrency issue. Parallel 
import and verify GPG processes using the same keyring may result in 
loosing all public keys in the key ring.

I upgraded to 1.2.5, but the issues are still present. I looked at the 
code myself, but I think it will require a lot of time for me to fix the 
issues and it will probably result only in a poor work around. I would 
like a good solution for the issue which is acceptable to the GnuPG 
development team for use in future versions of GnuPG to increase the 
products quality. I will award up to 300$ to the developer that solves the 
problem for me. Please find details below.

I need two modifications in GnuPG:

1. The lockfile for the keyring is not handeled correctly, it seems. I 
need proper locking to prevent GPG from loosing the entire public key 
I think it happens somehow like this:
- import renames keyring and updates file
- verify does not find keyring file and creates new one
- import finds an already existing keyring and is unable to rename the 
updated file back
If the output of gpg is...
gpg: keyring `/var/tmp/keyring_lost_test/pubring.gpg' created
... you know that all keys in keyring were lost.

2. In case GPG cannot run because of a lock-file being present, I require 
a separate exit status. This will indicate to my program that it can retry 
the command afterwards as it was not a real error.

I'm willing to award 100$ for a patch based on the last stable release of 
GPG, fixing above issues.
Another 100$ are awarded to the patch author, if the patch is accepted by 
the GPG core team and incorporated in future releases.
Another 100$ are awarded if I have a working solution until end of August 

The following acceptance procedures apply:

The patch is verified using a shell script I wrote to reproduce the 
behaviour. It is attached to this email. The patch is only accepted if the 
script succeeds on my system. I reserve the right to adjust the test 
script in case I built in errors into the test procedure, so just using a 
bug in the test script to make it work is not accepted... (first 100$ for 
a working patch)

If the patch is committed to the main GnuPG development branch by GPG core 
developers (or anyone with permissions), the patch author will be rewarded 
with another 100$ as the GPG core team thinks it is a good patch.

If I get a working patch (does not need to be included in GPG development 
branch, just working for me) by end of August 2004, I reward the patch 
author by another 100$.

Above goals are cumulative, meaning that I am willing to pay up to 300$ if 
all conditions are fulfilled.

To prevent a chaos, this "contract" is awarded as follows:
- participation requires explicit confirmation by me. This is to prevent 
more than one person working on the issue. So, just mail me first if you 
would like to do this.
- first come, first served. I will confirm the first person mailing me, 
that he may start implementing. The others will be notified, that it is 
already taken care of.

I hope you find this offer interesting. Contact me if you have any 
questions on the topic.

With kind regards

Stefan Haller
Software Development
Transport Revenue
Ascom Autelca Ltd.
Worbstrasse 201
CH-3073 Gümligen 
+41 31 999 65 06
+41 31 999 65 82 
stefan.haller at
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