GPG Lockfile (concurrency) issue, keyring lost: awarding 300$ for bugfix

Simon Josefsson jas at
Wed Aug 11 13:29:32 CEST 2004

Nice idea.

Stefan Haller <Stefan.Haller at> writes:

> The patch is verified using a shell script I wrote to reproduce the 
> behaviour. It is attached to this email. The patch is only accepted if the 
> script succeeds on my system. I reserve the right to adjust the test 
> script in case I built in errors into the test procedure, so just using a 
> bug in the test script to make it work is not accepted... (first 100$ for 
> a working patch)

Your shell script doesn't seem to have a terminating condition, except
for errors.  The $IMPORT_FINISHED file is never created, as far as I
can tell.  This is confirmed by running it, it just loops forever.
Using the development branch, I don't get any errors from the script.
Perhaps the problem is fixed in the development branch?

Did you build gpg yourself, or used someone else's build?  Perhaps
there is something wrong with the build.


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