Revoked UID and subkey is shown when listing secret keyring

David Shaw dshaw at
Mon Dec 20 15:21:06 CET 2004

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 10:11:30PM +0100, Dirk Traulsen wrote:
> Hi!
> I tried gpg 1.4.0a for Windows on a german Windows95-Installation.
> After generating a testkey, I found a bug.
> As you can see in the key info, there is a revoked subkey and a 
> revoked uid in the key.
> C:\Programme\GnuPG>gpg --list-keys --with-colons xx
> tru::1:1103485092:1139767092:3:1:5
> pub:f:1024:17:953A6E46FD4A4739:2004-12-18:::-:xxxx5 <x at x>::scESC:
> uid:f::::2004-12-19::8518392C677FE8D5E546F5CE32967DB951793C13::xx3x5 
> <x at x>:
> uid:r::::::8226C3E7B1F72D39A449DC2C15718CC9A267A485::x2xx5 <x at y>:
> sub:r:1024:16:5356ECF361705F04:2004-12-18::::::e:
> sub:f:1504:16:C9302575EF711C2A:2004-12-18::::::e:
> sub:f:1024:16:087AA91389ECC00A:2004-12-19::::::e:
> sub:f:1024:17:BAFAD77F2BEE00B9:2004-12-19::::::s:
> When I list the public key, it shows only the valid keys and UIDs:

That is correct.

> When I list the secret keys, it shows only the valid UIDs, but 
> additionally the revoked subkey (Is this intended or also a bug?):

That's not correct.  It should show the invalid UIDs in the secret
keyring (same as if you list the whole secret keyring).

I'll fix that.

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