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Nielsen nielsen at memberwebs.com
Tue Dec 21 02:32:30 CET 2004

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 00:11:43 +0000 (GMT), Nielsen  said:
>>I don't understand. How would a user move his long-time secret keys to
>>another machine when he upgrades? Note I'm talking about a simple user
>>here, 'use the command line' is not an option.
> Backup and restore ~/.gnupg of course.

Right, and seahorse already has this functionality. Actually the users 
who requested this particular feature seem to be interested in moving 
keys and keyrings between GPG on Linux and PGP on Windows.

But, as noted earlier, we'll probably eventually provide this option via 
a direct call to GPG.

> Direct access to keyservers?  gpg supports colon formatted output and
> thus we are able to add this keyserver searches to gpgme.  We ahve
> already done this for gpgsm, so the infrastructure is more or less
> available.
> Manipulation of options?  gpgconf (from gnupg 1.9) does this job fine
> for KDE and works with all current gpg versions.

That's wonderful and great to hear. Thanks for the insight.

As far as seahorse, it seems that for certain features, we may opt to 
wait for a stable GPG/GPGME release containing them. And for others 
which are more timely in nature, we may choose to implement them 
immediately using command line hacks until such a time as the features 
make their way into the stable GPG/GPGME code.


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