Where can I get MinGW32 CPD 0.3.2?

abognupg at redtenbacher.de abognupg at redtenbacher.de
Mon Feb 9 13:27:46 CET 2004


The file /doc/README.W32 of GnuPG 1.2.4 contains the following

  To build it, you need the MingW32/CPD kit, which is available at

The latest version of MinGW32/CPD that I could find, however, was
0.3.1, not 0.3.2. And within the last 5 days, I could not log
into "ftp.gnupg.org" at all. (I always receive a message like
"500 Error creating server socket: Too many open files", so
apparently the FTP server is quite overloaded.)

I therefore have 2 requests:

(a) Is it possible to put the MinGW32/CPD kit vers. 0.3.2 onto
    the FTP server?

(b) Wouldn't it be better to put the tools for compiling the
    Windows version into a subdir of "ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt" so
    that it is mirrored together with GnuPG? (Otherwise it is
    completely unavailable if "ftp.gnupg.org" happens to be down
    or overloaded.)

- Wolfgang Redtenbacher

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