Windows Installer

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Feb 27 10:56:00 CET 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:02:28 -0700, Johnathan James said:

> Why isn't there already a Windows installer provided by the GPG project?

There is no free installer available which fits our needs:

 * We must be able to build the installer ourself on a POSIX box.
 * We must be able to integrate it into the build process; i.e. the
   packaging must run on a POSIX box.

Either installers require proprietary software (Kylix) to build or
they must be used on a Windows box.  I once tried to modify NSIS to
work on GNU/Linux but it turned out to be a too time consuming task.

> very hard, but whatever..) I am out of work and looking for something
> to do, and would be glad to contribute an installer to the
> project. I'll even maintain it if that is what is necessary to have it

It would be really great if you could work on NSIS.  I can also
imagine to have NSIS running under Wine or on this NT clone, which we
could run under Bochs.


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