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Thu Feb 26 13:00:17 CET 2004

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Johnathan James wrote:

> Why isn't there already a Windows installer provided by the GPG project?

Umm, because it's not the project's mission?
> I saw in the archive that there was a GPG installer for Windows users
> being maintained outside of the project in 2001.
> I couldn't find anything on one since then (admittedly, I didn't look
> very hard, but whatever..) I am out of work and looking for something to
> do, and would be glad to contribute an installer to the project. I'll
> even maintain it if that is what is necessary to have it in the official
> distribution.
That is most likely the Nullify build.

A .MSI based installation package with "proper" attention paid to multiple
users on the same box would ROCK.

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