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Volker Quetschke quetschke at scytek.de
Thu Jan 15 14:09:57 CET 2004

Sorry for dropping in here that late, but I have to set something

>> How do I build the GnuPG 1.2.3 binary from the source so that the binary
>> doesn't need any cygwin DLLs to run?

The Announcement of the last (all) the Gnupg packages for cygwin
also mentions how to build a native W32 gnupg.

--- --- --- quote --- --- ---
You find build instructions for a windows native executable (MinGW) after
unpacking the source (see gnupg-1.2.2.README for details) in:
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> AFAIK it is not possible to create a Cygwin binary which does not
> rely on at least cygwinXXX.dll.
That is wrong, you can use the cygwin environment to create
native windows applications, when you use gcc with the command
switch -mno-cygwin you are essentially using mingw.


P.S.: I'll update the cygwin gnupg package in the next few days.

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