UI feature request

Janusz A . Urbanowicz alex at bofh.net.pl
Tue Jan 20 00:41:14 CET 2004


I have a small and, quite weird I must assume feature request.

On some occassions GnuPG is truncating its output to 73 columns, like in
following output of edit-key -> check:

Polecenie> check
uid  Janusz A. Urbanowicz <alex at bofh.net.pl>
sig!3       46399138 2002-08-16   [podpis klucza nim samym]
sig!3       21939169 2002-09-17   Janusz A. Urbanowicz <alex at bofh.net.pl>
sig!3       FC494FC4 2002-10-20   Miros/law Baran (Jubal) <baran at knm.org.p
sig!3       DEB0EC31 2002-10-22   Krzysztof Krzy\xc2\xbfaniak (eloy) <eloy

The problem is that people these days usually use much wider TTYs than 80
columns. Back from days of glass TTYs, those usually had at least two display
settings: 80 and 132 columns. Apps were informed of the settings by COLUMNS
environment variable.

This would be nice if gpg react to this variable and treat its output

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