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Holger Sesterhenn wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Holger,

> There are two things to mention:
> First, David uses PGP/MIME (RFC 3156) instead of the old (but most
> widespread) PGP/INLINE signatures (CLASSIC). All known OpenPGP plugins
> for OE just support the latter. Even the original PGP 8.x.

The lack of RFC 3156 support in some OpenPGP plugins is often used as the
reason to continue with inline signatures. Aside from PGP's work with
their plugin, I don't think there is any work being done to
maintain/evolve the OpenPGP OE & Outlook plugins.

> Second, the mailing list software creates an envelope around the
> PGP/MIME message so it looks like "multipart/mixed" instead of
> "multipart/signed". There are some OpenPGP clients (like Enigmail) which
> try to detect this but its just experimental.

I'm not sure how 'experimental' Enigmail's support still is at this point.
It works without issue for myself and many others and has been in the code
since 0.83.0 which was released mid-January.

> I wouldn't call it a bug in the mailing list software ;-)

Nor would I

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