[ PATCH][TESTREQ],fingerprint colorcode, V 0.2

Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Mon Jul 26 00:01:55 CEST 2004

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On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Thomas Schorpp wrote:

> issues: on my console dim yellow and bright and few other look SAME
> (bash shell), thats bad, could other platforms verify that, pls? thank you.

i think that depends more on the terminal than the shell. i attached a TXT 
file with control characters that are not universal, but should work on 
~most~ current terminals to display colors. just cat the file in some 
different terminals and you'll find which ones work, and to what degree.

MD5 (colors) = 62ebf3373f8c54b582a1c8ada32167c9

i would think this is best suited for GUI interfaces (kgpg, seahorse, html 
keyservers, gimp plug-in, etc), not a command line interface... trying to 
do colors on a terminal is an uphill battle that would probably require a 
fair amount of dependencies (curses, slang, etc) and still not work 
everywhere. especially if someone has their terminal configured to display 
non-standard colors.

hhmmm... in the same way that an external photo-viewer can be specified, 
maybe a tiny (external) app can be specified to show fingerprints?

how are you coordinating hex digits to colors? maybe i can whip out some 
PHP for web based apps (aka keyservers).

one question, to everyone who's reading... should this type of interface 
discriminate between v3 and v4 fingerprints? should v3 fingerprints be 
ignored? should there be a border around each color box, so 8 blank spaces 
of a v3 fingerprint can't be confused as 8 white boxes of a v4 


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