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Thomas Schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Tue Jul 27 08:51:00 CEST 2004

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hi man,
Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
| On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Thomas Schorpp wrote:

| i would think this is best suited for GUI interfaces (kgpg, seahorse,
| html keyservers, gimp plug-in, etc), not a command line interface...

you are right IF you can assure highly secure interfaces and comms to
these apps then. i like it in terminal and testers of gui apps surely
too for verification of bugs.

| trying to do colors on a terminal is an uphill battle that would
| probably require a fair amount of dependencies (curses, slang, etc) and
| still not work everywhere. especially if someone has their terminal
| configured to display non-standard colors.


| hhmmm... in the same way that an external photo-viewer can be specified,
| maybe a tiny (external) app can be specified to show fingerprints?

no, it should be in standard gpg gui apps.

| how are you coordinating hex digits to colors? maybe i can whip out some
| PHP for web based apps (aka keyservers).

not vorrectly yet, it seems, bright isnt working:

p_padala at yahoo.com:

~        <ESC>[{attr};{fg};{bg}m

~ The first character is ESC which has to be printed by pressing CTRL+V
and then ESC on the Linux console or in xterm, konsole, kvt, etc.
("CTRL+V ESC" is also the way to embed an escape character in a document
in vim.) Then {attr}, {fg}, {bg} have to be replaced with the correct
value to get the corresponding effect. attr is the attribute like
blinking or underlined etc.. fg and bg are foreground and background
colors respectively. You don't have to put braces around the number.
Just writing the number will suffice.

{attr} is one of following

~        0       Reset All Attributes (return to normal mode)
~        1       Bright (Usually turns on BOLD)
~        2       Dim
~        3       Underline
~        5       Blink
~        7       Reverse
~        8       Hidden

{fg} is one of the following
~        30      Black
~        31      Red
~        32      Green
~        33      Yellow
~        34      Blue
~        35      Magenta
~        36      Cyan
~        37      White

{bg} is one of the following
~        40      Black
~        41      Red
~        42      Green
~        43      Yellow
~        44      Blue
~        45      Magenta
~        46      Cyan
~        47      White

... is outdated, but your codes work fine, ill correct this now, thx.

| one question, to everyone who's reading... should this type of interface
| discriminate between v3 and v4 fingerprints? should v3 fingerprints be
| ignored? should there be a border around each color box, so 8 blank
| spaces of a v3 fingerprint can't be confused as 8 white boxes of a v4
| fingerprint?

i try to assure that.

|         ...atom

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