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Thomas Schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Wed Jul 28 00:58:11 CEST 2004

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Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
| On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Thomas Schorpp wrote:
|>> Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

| we accept a "non-secure" photo viewer...

human brains can distuingish clearly beetween (known) faces, so security
is less relevant, but not for providing abstract coded fingerprints.

~ the problem with terminals is
| that some are monochrome, some display 8 colors, some display a
| *different* 8 colors, some display 16 colors, some display 256 colors...
| to even attempt that this would work on all terminals capable of
| displaying 16 (or more) colors would require curses, slang, or similar.
| even then, i'm not sure if 16 colors can all get along in the same
| terminal and be portable.
| http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue65/padala.html

yes, youre right, bad analysis from me, sorry,  im glad a very
experienced unixer like you is here.

ive thought about curses before, but we cant bloat up gnupg that way,
can we? so ive abandoned it so far.

| from man terminfo(5):
|     can_change... terminal can redefine existing colors

yes, ive seen it before too. but surely this can be queried and adopted
to from runtime (or setup).

| AFAIK, that can be used so a terminal displays red as green, black as
| white, etc. sending simple control sequences would have undesired effects.

maybe on one systems entity it should be consistent but communicating
beetween different systems or even x/term clients would be out then, not
o.k.. a critical requirement would be not met then.

|>> | hhmmm... in the same way that an external photo-viewer can be
|>> specified,
|>> | maybe a tiny (external) app can be specified to show fingerprints?
|>> no, it should be in standard gpg gui apps.
| ==============
| yeah, that too... not that it should be part of gpg itself (which is a
| command line tool), but it should be part of kgpg, seahorse, etc... but
| also, for someone who just uses the command line in an X session, a
| small app that just translates fingerprints to colors and opens a window
| to display a color bar.

yes, sure, this is all free software here, as i understood, nobody needs
to wait for my implementations, im only holding the basic "idea".

|>> ~        <ESC>[{attr};{fg};{bg}m
| =====================
| i don't think you have to specify bg/fg. attached is script (and
| screenshot) that displays boxes of colors by specifying only the bg
| color and displaying two spaces (0x20).
| MD5 (bar) = d84cdee8b7df4a4732f986ff6e45a00d
| MD5 (bar.png) = eca9bfd6af503df88abd2de3caa9a24f
| it's probably not necessary to specify "^[[0m" between each color, but
| it certainly doesn't seem to hurt.
yes right, ive discovered this too, yesterday.

| like any simple script that displays colors, the results will vary
| widely depending on what terminal you view it on.

not discovered on my terms yet, but surely in remote fp verification.
... and blue and cyan look critical identical on my display, but
collisions on misinterpretation should be rare.

but printing multiple fps out on one terminal you can clearly
distuingish or verify with one quick look now, that has been my primary
target of requirements... and met.

many thanks for your work (as you make me do mine ;)

| anyway, what relationship are you trying to get between hex and colors?

? your and padalas colorcode tables.

|      ...atom

p.s.: im on holidays from 3rd of august (if no wireless ap is in range,
at least ;)

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