gpg question

Derek.Hagen at Derek.Hagen at
Fri Jun 18 18:06:47 CEST 2004

I am using GPG and want to send a passphrase throught a command line
argument.  For example right now we have:

"c:\program files\gnu\gnu pgp\GPG.EXE" -o "C:\Program Files\Document
Express\ppay.GPG" --force-v3-sigs --sign --armor --text --encrypt
--recipient FletBston "C:\Program Files\Document Express\ keith"

When this line is executed we get a box up asking for the passphrase.  We
want to be able to ignore this and put the passphrase in the above command
line argument so that the box does not come up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MHC Software

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